System Competition Teams

AIR TAGS: Automated Image and Radar-based Triage, Assessment, and Geolocation System (DARPA-funded)

  • Arete
  • University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Critical Innovations

APAT: AI Powered Autonomous Triage

  • Mmh Labs, Purdue University

Chiron (DARPA-funded)

  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • University of Pittsburgh

Coordinated Robotics

  • Coordinated Robotics
  • California State University Channel Islands

DART: Drone Assisted Rapid Triage (DARPA-funded)

  • Battelle Memorial Institute

Engineering Dynamics and RIIS

  • Engineering Dynamics


  • Elegant Mathematics Ltd, Germany
  • Elegant Mathematics LLC, USA

POINTER: Point of Injury Navigation, Triage, and Emergency Response (DARPA-funded)

  • Charles River Analytics
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • University of California-Irvine


  • PRISM Intelligence Inc

PRONTO: Penn RObotic Non-contact Triage and Observation (DARPA-funded)

  • University of Pennsylvania

RAPID: Reliable Assessment of People in Disasters (DARPA-funded)

  • Raytheon BBN
  • Valkyries Austere Medical Services
  • Skydio

RESCUE: Reliable Evaluation and Sensing of Casualties in Uncertain Environments

  • Ichor Autonomy Pty Ltd., Australia

RoboScout (DARPA-funded)

  • University of Maryland College Park
  • University of Maryland UAS Research and Operations Center
  • University of Maryland School of Medicine

TTT: TAK Triage Technologies

  • Individuals

UAS-DTU: Unmanned Aerial Systems Delhi Technological University

  • Delhi Technological University, India

Virtual Competition Teams

CC: Cambridge Consultants

  • Cambridge Consultants, UK
  • Cambridge Consultants, US

Coordinated Robotics

  • Coordinated Robotics

Engineering Dynamics

  • Engineering Dynamics

Flying Fitches

  • Sophisticated Engineering UG, Germany


  • Richard Chase, Independent


  • John Worthley
  • Ismail Guneydas
  • Wei-Lin Chiang
  • Ivan Lopez
  • Leilani H. Gilpin


  • Joseph McMahon (Individual)


  • Robotika International
  •, Czechia

Second Sight

  • Chris Wasson (Individual)

TTT: TAK Triage Technologies

  • Amandeep Premi (Individual)

UAS-DTU: Unmanned Aerial Systems Delhi Technological University

  • Delhi Technological University, India


  • Arete

Data Competition Teams

AI TEMPO: Alert for Intervention using Timeseries EMergency Physiological Observations (DARPA-funded)

  • Michigan Technological University

ALICE: AI Life Saving Intervention Compute Engine (DARPA-funded)

  • Kitware, Inc.
  • Soar Technologies, Inc.
  • Geneva Foundation

AUSTERE: AI User Supporting Triage and Evacuation Recommendation Engine (DARPA-funded)

  • University of Vermont State and Agricultural College

CAMA: Center for Advanced Medical Analytics

  • University of Virginia

CNA: Center for Naval Analyses

  • Center for Naval Analyses

Coordinated Robotics

  • Coordinated Robotics

CRITIC: Continuous Review and Intervention for Timely Care (DARPA-funded)

  • Battelle Memorial Institute

HTTD: Healcisio Tactical Triage Detachment

  • Healcisio

LENS: LSI Early Notification System (DARPA-funded)

  • Arete
  • Critical Innovations

Medic Copilot

  • Simwerx
  • Ragged Edge Solutions
  • Lemay, Canada


  • Brigham and Women's Hospital, Mass General Brigham
  • Harvard Medical School
  • US Air Force En Route Care Research Center from the 59th Medical Wing at Joint Base San Antonio


  • MarvsAI LTD


  • Robotika International
  •, Czechia


  • TrueFit.AI

University of Augsburg

  • University of Augsburg, Germany